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Welcome to issue #65 of the ABS DevOps/SCM E-Newsletter
A Better Solution keeps you up-to-date on DevOps-centric and SCM-centric news and products. As always, this issue is full of free scripts for IBM Rational tools as well as DevOps/SCM-centric news, events, product and training announcements from ABS, IBM, HCL, GitLab, GitHub and other vendors. Read news about freely offered DevOps and SCM Solutions... Read about this issue's News Spotlight...
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Articles in this newsletter are organized to align with your DevOps and SCM interest. Read news about our products, news from other CM-Centric vendors or this issue's news spotlight. Visit the new DevOps Solutions Center to take advantage of free Scripts, Tools, Articles and other collateral that are DevOps or SCM centric.

ABS forms new partnerships with GitLab and HCL to expand our DevOps reach and opportunities to better support our client's DevOps products, efforts and users.

Read about iApproveIt - a New DevOps Communications/Approval Tool... A Better Solution introduces iApproveIt 1.0, a brand new FREE DevOps Communications/Approval Product/Service. iApproveIt is vendor-agnostic and allows for integrated instant real-time approval of events in your existing processes. iApproveIt allows peers and managers to instantly approve actions via email and mobile phone SMS messages as well as fully integrates with existing tools like Slack, MS Teams, RingCentral, WebEx and others. No need to wait hours or days for approvals when they can be done in seconds even while at a bank or coffee shop. iDeployIt supports Windows, RedHat, openSUSE, Ubuntu, MacOS, Sun/Solaris, HP, AIX operating systems.

iApproveIt is a FREE service and requires no installation for most users. Try iApproveIt here.

Read about iDeployIt - a New DevOps Deployment Tool... A Better Solution releases iDeployIt 1.0.1, a minor patch release of our DevOps Deployment Product which now supports Ubuntu platforms. iDeployIt is a vendor-agnostic DevOps tool that is provides an easy way to deliver software across multiple environments and locations. Deploy using a Natural Language interface; monitor deployments with a real-time web interface. iDeployIt 1.0.1 was patched on 9/1/2021.

A Better Solution released a patch of ClearTrigger. ClearTrigger 13.1.2 is available as of 10/12/2021. Read about recent features or fixes to ClearTrigger 13.1.1 and ClearReplica 12.1 and see what they can do for your organization.

We have always provided Rational tools consulting for tools like Rational Team Concert, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro, Application Developer, Quality Manager, Rational Integration Tester, UrbanCode Build & Deploy, and others. You can always read about our Rational Consulting Services or view the resumes of talented ABS consultants.

A Better Solution is a licensed IBM Software Reseller and able to competitively sell IBM Rational Products, Product Renewals, and services to both commercial and government accounts. Ask ABS for a renewal quote to get a discount on your Rational Software or Software Renewals.