Functionality bit 0
- Auto Remove Empty Branch

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit for:

Automatic removal of empty branches caused by uncheckout, rmbranch or rmver commands.

When a ClearCase command causes the creation of an empty branch, this empty branch is automatically removed; and if the removal of that branch causes another empty branch to be created, then that branch is removed as well.

In the classic example... Given the config.spec

   element * CHECKEDOUT
   element * /main/rel2.0_int/LATEST
   element * REL1.0 -mkbranch rel2.0_int
   element * /main/0 -mkbranch rel2.0_int
and the version tree depicted below in Fig. #1. Checking out foo.c would create the rel2.0_int branch and the zero versions on that branch and perform the checkout there (as depicted below in Fig. #2)...

Fig #1 (Before checkout)Fig. #2 (after checkout)

If the user then decides to uncheckout the element - in ClearCase this would result in a branch with just version 0 on it (an empty branch depicted in Fig. #3).

Most development shops request that this "needless" version not remain, but rather the original vtree be restored as in Fig. #4.

Fig #3 (after uncheckout - empty branch)Fig. #4 (original configuration)

This functionality bit automaticall removes empty branches leaving you in the Fig. 4 state rather than Fig. 3 state.

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...