Functionality bit 10
- Smart Checkins

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Enforce that unchanged files are automatically unchecked out when checkin is attempted. Sometimes there is no need to checkin these files because no changes were made. Usually the user does not know the file has not changed until they receive an error when a checkin attempt is made like below:

When this bit is set then ClearTrigger checks elements to be checked in against its predecessor to determine if a change was made, if no change was made then the element is uncheckedout instead.

NOTE: An exception is made when the predecessor version is /main/0 or the current version and predecessor version are of zero length to allow for new elements to be created from the "add to source control" GUI without providing warnings.

NOTE: This is the only functionality bit that is ignored for ClearCase Web users.

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...