Functionality bit 12
- Atomic Changes

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Allow elements to be grouped together such that they must be checked out, checked-in, or unchecked out together as a group.

Any user can create or extend linked groups by linking any desired element so that any future checkout, checkin or uncheckout of any of the linked performed together.

Simply make the hyperlink type "atomic_change" in a VOB with ClearTrigger applied and then anyone can link a file. Create the link type once in the VOB:

cleartool mkhltype -nc atomic_change

Then link elements together by using the native ClearCase mkhlink command like so:

cleartool mkhlink -nc atomic_change foo.c@@ bar.c@@
cleartool mkhlink -nc atomic_change bar.c@@ cow.c@@
cleartool mkhlink -nc atomic_change cow.h@@ cow.c@@

It does not matter when the elements are linked or how many or the direction of the links. The linked family is "headless" so that if John knows of an association between bar.c and cow.c and creates a link and Robert knows of a association between cow.h and cow.c and Kathy creates a link between foo.c and bar.c, all elements are "equally" linked such that if Tomas checks out any of the files, they can all checked out.

By default if the bit is enabled, when a user checks out a linked file they might see a dialog similar to the one below that "forces" them of the association and provides them the opportunity checkout all of the elements, checkout just the single element or cancel the attempt. The default selection is the "Yes" button - to check them all out. If the region policy make has turned on the "Atomic Change" bit (bit 12) then only the "yes" and "cancel" option is given. The elements are checked out together by "force" or the checkout is canceled.

NOTE: To change the personality of this bit such that the user is given a choice between "yes", "no" or "cancel" then just set the special purpose cleartrigger_alias ABS_bit_12_personality in the clearbits file to "choice". The alias can be set to "choice" or "force" (default is "force"). For example, a user creating a new directory when the cleartrigger_alias ABS_bit_12_personality is set to "choice" would see output like that below:

The default selection is the "Yes" button - to check them all out.

The elements do not have to be in the same directory and are not limited to files.

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...