Functionality bit 7
- Enterprise MAGIC_PATH

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Enforce an enterprise controlled ClearCase MAGIC_PATH for all users.

Many shops use element types to create or control policy (i.e. "all c_source must compile before it is checked in" or "only lead developers can modify c_include files after the system test phase"). When this is the case, this policy is only as good as the method used to ensure that all "*.c" files are stored as c_source element types and all "*.h" files are stored as c_include types. Unfortunately, any user can change their MAGIC_PATH environmental path such that the intended magic_file is not used.

This bit ensures that no elements are created unless the users MAGIC_PATH is set to the company standard. Now you will have only ONE MAGIC FILE to maintain instead of many.

The company magic path must be set by default to the path to the ClearTrigger Depot (i.e. Magic files are placed in the depot) or it can be set to another directory location by adding the special purpose cleartrigger_alias ABS_bit_07_personality_windows or ABS_bit_07_personality_unix in the clearbits file. The alias can be set to any valid directory for the associated operating system.

If an attempt is made to create an element and the MAGIC PATH is not set to the expected company standard then a dialog similar to the one below is displayed:

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...