Functionality bit 8
- Prevent Embedded Spaces in Element Names

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Prevent users from creating new elements with embedded spaces in the name (i.e. "this file is not valid.c" would not be allowed and "this_file_is_valid.c" would be).

Many development shops wish to prevent embedded spaces in element names because it makes scripting much more complicated and it many times causes issues for users in InterOp configurations (Windows and UNIX) because UNIX is not very friendly to filenames with spaces in them.

Equivalent processing to the "mkelem" command was added to the "ln", "ln -s" and "mv" commands .

This bit would prevent their creation except if the user is the current VOB owner. When the user is not the current VOB owner then this dialog is displayed:

If the user is the current VOB owner then user would be notified that it is only allowed for them...

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...