Command Windows Script

This portion of the license file contains the Windows Script or Executable that would be executed for the Windows operating system. The field may be blank. Any script placed here is expected to be in the Windows Depot. The script is expected by default to reside in the Windows Depot, but can also be described with an absolute path or a path relative to the Windwos Depot.

Parameters needed (if any) are expected to be placed in the Windows Script Params field. The script can be of any executable type (i.e. *.bat, *.exe, *.pl, etc.).

NOTE: If there is a Windows script defined then the user cannot have the PERLDB_OPTS environmental variable set when the trigger fires of ClearTrigger will fail the command to prevent users from entering the Perl debugger and circumventing custom Perl policy code written by the administrator.

Script DescriptionWindows Script example
empty list; ;
Calling interpreted program (uses Windows Script Params field);Perl.exe;\\machine\share\dir\;
Calling stand alone program in depot;some_script.bat;
Calling program not in depot by absolute path;\\machine\share\dir\;
Calling program not in depot by relative path to Windows depot;..\..\dir\script.bat;