UNIX Notify Program

This portion of the license file contains the region defined Notify Program for the UNIX environment. This program could be a general mail program or logging program that your organization wrote or purchased. The script or program can be of any executable type (i.e. *.bat, *.pl, *.exe, *.etc.) some are provided by ABS in the triggers section of our website.

The field may be blank. Any script is expected by default to reside in the UNIX Depot, but can also be described with an absolute path or a path relative to the Unix Depot field can be empty or populated with program or script name. The script can be of any executable type (i.e. *.bat, *.exe, *.pl, etc. or simply have the execute bit set).

Script DescriptionUnix Script example
empty list; ;
Calling stand alone program in depot;some_Notify.sh;
Calling program not in depot by absolute path;/net/machine/location/notify;
Calling program not in depot by relative path to UNIX depot;../../directory/script.pl;