Parent Clearbits files

Any clearbits file can refer to or point to a "parent" clearbits file. For VOBs within the ClearTrigger region policy defined in its parent clearbits file must me satisfied before policy in the regions clearbits file. This allows one to build or take advantage of a clearbits file hierarchy. Policy can be defined at a company level that applies to all VOBs within the company while a department might have additional policy that applies to a subset of the company VOBs. Each region/clearbits file could have different personnel that are responsible for it's modification; each region/clearbits file has it's own depot and logging. The section of the clearbits_file entitled "Parent Clearbits files" contains the network path to the parent clearbits file (if any) for Windows, UNIX, or both. When defining parent clearbits files, use the semicolon (;) as a separator between the Windows Parent Clearbits File and the UNIX Parent Clearbits File and end the key with a semicolon. If you choose not to define a clearbits parent, leave that portion blank (i.e. ";;"). ClearTrigger will assume that no parent clearbits file is requested.

Configurations are extremely flexible and a few examples are illustrated below:

As depicted above: