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ABS Products Pricing...
Software Pricing

Pricing for all ABS software is here. From our newest DevOps Software products like iDeployIt to our flagship Rational ClearCase compliment products like ClearTrigger.

Each product is designed to solve critical software development problems or delivery problems or automate Software Development tasks. With accurate solutions and end-user-frieldly licensing each product provides a quick

Software Product
A Better Solution Software Pricing Options for ABS products (Software Purchase, Rent, Lease)

Product Cost Per License Extra Notes
iDeployIt $2450 Most companies will need only 1 license per Deployment Shipping Server. There is no license cost for any receiving location infrastructure. A single iDeployIt Shipper can deploy to unlimited iDeployIt Receiver locations or environments.
ClearTrigger $4950 Most organizations need only 1-2 licenses even if they have hundreds of ClearCase Users and VOBs.
ClearReplica $4950 Generally a single ClearReplica license (or two for an interop configuration) is needed at each "development" site. No license is required at a "backup only" site..
ClearTrigger Lite $950 Most organizations need only 1-2 licenses even if they have hundreds of ClearCase Users and VOBs.
2-Day Quick Start $3000 When you purchase a license of any ABS Product you can purchase a 2-day QuickStart for $3000. The cost of QuickStart includes all travel (limited to continuous 48 US States). For this all-inclusive rate, an ABS consultant will arrive to install our products, convert or add any needed triggers, integrate the tools with other appropriate tools & Menus and provide mentoring and training on the tools.