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ClearReplica Performance Alias Enhancers

In order to improve ClearTrigger performance for non-ClearReplica replicated VOBs in a ClearTrigger Region that has ClearReplica enabled you can prevent ClearTrigger from checking to see is "replication" is need by taking advantage of special ClearReplica Performance Alias Enhancers. The special aliases will limit which VOBs attempt to read the ClearReplica shipper_conf file or inform ClearReplica of data updates during modification of ClearTrigger data within certain VOBs; this improves ClearTrigger performance for those VOBs.

Only VOB entries (i.e. [/a_vob] [*cm] ) or VOB:replica (i.e. [/a_vob:earth] [*:atlanta] ) are valid or read in the alias, all other entry types are ignored.

This only affects "outbound" changes from the region. Any ClearReplcia "receiver" processes for the region are unaffected.

ClearReplica Performance AliasPurpose
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_replicatation_activeEnables ClearReplica shipping processing only for the included VOBs.
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_replicatation_inactiveDisables ClearReplica shipping processing for the included VOBs.

If both aliases (i.e. ABS_replicatation_active and ABS_replicatation_inactive) are placed in the clearbits file and a VOB is contained in both list then replication "inactive" for that VOB.

Examples of appropriate values are in the table below:

ClearReplica Performance Alias ExamplesMeaning
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_replicatation_active [*qa] [\vobs\dev\*]VOBs matching the patterns are the only ones with outbound replication considered.
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_replicatation_inactive [*cm] [*hr]VOBs matching the patterns are not considered for outbound replication.