ClearTrigger Environmental Variables

When executing any user defined Windows_script and UNIX_script commands in ClearTrigger, the following environment variables are defined in addition to the ClearCase variables. Many oft-requested values (i.e. "VOB_owner") that would normally require scripting to calculate are available for you in your scripts.

Environment VariableValues
CLEARTRIGGER_BITSThe state of the calculated functionality bits as read from the clearbits_file.
CLEARTRIGGER_CLEARCASE_REGION_NAMESet to the current ClearCase Region Name.
CLEARTRIGGER_CURRENT_VOB_OWNERSet to the current VOB owner user ID.
CLEARTRIGGER_DEPOT_PATHThe current path to the ClearTrigger Depot.
CLEARTRIGGER_DEPOT_WDAYSet to ["Monday".."Sunday"].
CLEARTRIGGER_DEPOT_WDAY_NUMSet to [1..7] for ( Monday- Sunday).
CLEARTRIGGER_DIALOG_REPLYReturn of the ClearTrigger Question/prompt/selection dialog 0=yes, 1=no, 2=cancel/abort.
CLEARTRIGGER_KEY_NUMBERThe 1-based positive integer representation of clearbits_file command key currently associated with this call (i.e. "1" would be the first key in the file).
CLEARTRIGGER_KEY_USEDThe actual command key used as read from the clearbits_file.
CLEARTRIGGER_NUMBERWhich ClearTrigger trigger type is currently associated with the call. [1 .. 4] for non-process VOBS (UCM) and [1..6] for process VOBs.
CLEARTRIGGER_MOTD_RESTRICTIONSIf any MOTD restrictions are defined in the clearbits file this is defined and set to that value.
CLEARTRIGGER_MOTD_SHOWINGIf a MOTD string is defined in the clearbits file this is defined and set to either "true" or "false" to indicate if any MOTD restrictions are matched.
CLEARTRIGGER_MOTD_STRINGIf a MOTD string is defined in the clearbits file this is defined and set to that value.
CLEARTRIGGER_OPTYPEThe "pre-op" and "post-op" value of the associated command.
CLEARTRIGGER_REGION_NAMECurrent ClearTrigger Region Name
CLEARTRIGGER_RESULT_STRINGUser string input when ClearTrigger Prompt dialog is used or the selected string if the ClearTrigger Selection dialog is used.
CLEARTRIGGER_USER_IS_VOB_OWNERSet to "true" if the current user is the owner of the associated VOB; set to "false" if not.
CLEARTRIGGER_USER_IS_WEB_USERSet to "true" if user is currently accessing from the web interface, set to "false" otherwise.
CLEARTRIGGER_VERSIONSet to ClearTrigger Version Number.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_ACCESSSet to the ClearCase VOBs access value (i.e. "public" or "private")
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_FEATURE_LEVELSet to the current VOBs ClearCase feature Level.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_HOSTSet to the ClearCase VOBs local host machine name.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_IS_REPLICATEDSet to "true" if the current VOB is replicated, set to "false" otherwise.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_IS_PROJECT_VOBSet to "true" if the current VOB is a UCM project VOB, set to "false" otherwise.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_VOB_FAMILY_UUIDSet to the current VOBs family UUID value.
CLEARTRIGGER_VOB_PRIMARY_GROUPSet to the current VOBs primary group value.
CLEARTRIGGER_ USER_IS_REMOTE_CLIENT_USER   Set to “true” if the current user is using the ClearCase Remote Client, set to “false” otherwise.