ClearTrigger Functionality Bit Application Aliases

Some reserved aliases are used by ClearTrigger to limit what a ClearTrigger functionality bit applies to. The special alias are referred to as Functionality Bit Application Aliases. These special aliases are of form:

Where "nn" is from "00".."22" (the lowest numbered bit number to the highest numbered bit number). If the associated Functionality bit is on in the clearbits file then these aliases can be used limit under what condition the bit will fire. Only use Functionality Bit Application Aliases when you wish to limit when a Functionality Bit fires.

Functionality Bit Application AliasesPurpose
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_exclude_for_bit_nnIf the associated functionality bit is on, this serves to limit (by exclusion) under what conditions this bit will fire. Excludes processing for the matching conditions.
#!cleartrigger_alias ABS_only_for_bit_nn If the associated functionality bit is on, this serves to limit (by inclusion) under what conditions this bit will fire. The bit will fire only for the matching conditions.

At run-time ABS_exclude_for_bit_nn aliases are evaluated first so if possible conflicting associated aliases (i.e. ABS_exclude_for_bit_05 and ABS_only_for_bit_05 ) are both placed in the clearbits file, then the "exclude" alias will take precedence.

For example, if in the clearbits file Functionality bit 5 and Functionality bit 8 are enabled and that file also contains the definitions below:

    #!cleartrigger_alias CM_users (cclarke3) (rcarter) (slewand) (syang)
    #!cleartrigger_alias documentation [*docs] {*pdf}
    #!cleartrigger_alias ABS_only_for_bit_05 ~CM_users 
    #!cleartrigger_alias ABS_exclude_for_bit_05 (rcarter) 
    #!cleartrigger_alias ABS_only_for_bit_08 ~documentation 
    #!cleartrigger_alias ABS_exclude_for_bit_08 {*readme.txt}

Functionality bit 5 (checkin on /man limited to VOB owner) would fire for all of the CM_users except the user "rcarter" while Functionality bit 8 (prevent embedded spaces in newly created element names) would fire for all elements in all VOBs ending in "doc" and for all "pdf" in any VOB, but under no circumstances will fire for "readme.txt" file.