Per-VOB Functionality Bits Checking

This portion of the license file determines if Functionality Bits are evaluated for just the region or for the region and on a per-VOB basis. When enabled (The value is set to 'A' for allowed) then if a particular functionality bit is not enabled for the region then the VOB itself is checked to see if the bit is enabled for the VOB. The Functionality Bits for the region are a series of '0' and '1' values indicated in the next field in the clearbits file. The Per-VOB Functionality Bits for the VOB are a series of '0' and '1' values indicated in an "optional" attribute ("ClearTrigger_VOB_Bits") attached to the VOB. This portion of the command_key_definition determins if Per-VOB Functionality Bits Checking is enabled.

The pulldown is limited to only it's valid values. They are defined below:

Per-VOB Functionality Bits Checking valueMeans...
'D'Per-VOB Checking is Disallowed
'A'Per-VOB Checking is Allowed

For example if your Region Functionality Bits were such that Single Checkout Per Branch was off for the region as per the Functionality Bits defined in the clearbits file:


You could in turn enable this feature for a particular VOB by enabling per-VOB checking for the region and setting the ClearTrigger_VOB_Bits attribute on the VOB like the example below:

Having done so will tell ClearTrigger to turn on bit #3 (Single Checkout per Branch) for the \products VOB though it is not enabled for the region.

The ClearTrigger_VOB_Bits attribute is only checked if the Per-VOB Checking is enabled for the region AND the bit if interest is not enabled for the region.

Note: You need only define the bits necessary to properly define the highest bit you wish to enable.