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UCM Restriction/Matching Functionality

With ClearTrigger an administrator could define ClearTigger Keys with a Restriction List, Inclusion List or Negation List that limited or expanded under which conditions the key fired. In addition to the base ClearCase metadata types you can also use the ClearCase supported UCM restriction types as well as two ClearTrigger only supported UCM types. The format for this section is a list of zero or more type selections of the form type<name> where type is from:
Base typeUCM type
  • attype
  • brtype
  • eltype
  • hltype
  • lbtype
  • trtype
  • activity
  • component
  • folder
  • project
  • stream
and name is an implicit name like "REL1.9", "integration" or a pattern to match several or a few type instances. You may use ~alias names to identify large of often used series of type selections.

Example Typeexample
attribute; attype<QA_State> ;
branch; brtype<integration> ;
element; eltype<c_source> ;
hyperlink; hltype<merge> ;
label; lbtype<BETA> ;
trigger; trtype<no_co> ;
UCM activity; activity<bug_152> ;
UCM component; component<\comp1> ;
UCM folder; folder<a_folder> ;
UCM project; project<project_z> ;
UCM stream; stream<feature_x> ;
patterns; lbtype<REL#.#_*> brtype<*_int_*> ;
patterns; attype<CR##?_*> trtype<*> ;
aliases; ~protected_labels ~restricted_braches ;