Functionality bit 1
- Auto Chown to VOB Owner (or another user)

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Automatically change the ownership of newly created elements to the current VOB owner.

When new elements are created in the VOB, the owner of the element is immediatly transferred to the curent VOB owner. The group ownership is unchanged. This is a common request of development shops as it restricts the ability to remove the element to the VOB owner.

To change the personality of this bit to change the ownership to a user ID other than the current VOB owner , just make sure to set the special purpose cleartrigger_alias ABS_bit_01_owner_override in the clearbits file. The alias can be set to any valid userid and that will be the ID used for the new ownership of newly created elements.

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...