Functionality bit 21
- Warning/Prevention of "Lost+Found" Elements

This portion of the license file contains the functionality bit to:

Automatically warn of possible elements that may be moved to the VOB's lost+found directory as a result of a directory uncheckout, before the directory uncheckout is attempted.

A user that previously performed a directory uncheckout might have had several element moved to lost+found. They were only notified of this "after" the successful uncheckout of the directory resulting in notification (a bit late) that elements were moved to lost+found as in the following example:

When the bit is enabled the same uncheckout of the directory would warn of the possible movement of elements to lost+found first and give the user the option to continue or cancel the uncheckout operation.

You can change the personality of this bit so that the user is allowed to auto answer this dialog with "yes" or "no" so no human intervention is needed. This is handy for builds or other automated processes that perform directory uncheckouts. To allow this "auto answer" functionality the policy maker can appropriately set the special purpose ClearTrigger Override Alias ABS_bit_21_auto_answer_allow in the clearbits file to match the appropriate Users, Groups, VOBs, Elements, Views, Times or even ClearCase Regions.

If a directory uncheckout might cause an element to be placed in the VOB's Lost+Found directory and that current user has set their environmental variable CLEARTRIGGER_BIT_21_AUTO_INTERACTIVE_ANSWER to "yes" or "no" then that dialog would not appear, but the warning would appear within SDTOUT and that question would be auto answered according to the environmental variable.

An example of such a scenario where ABS_bit_21_auto_answer_allow is set in the clearbits file like below:

      #!cleartrigger_alias ABS_bit_21_auto_answer_allow (cclarke)(cc_build)
and the user "cclarke" (or the build id "cc_build") has set their environmental variable
In this scenario, checking out a directory, adding an element (foo.c) in that directory and then unchecking out that directory will cause foo.c to go to Lost+Found. Rather than a warning dialog being displayed for the user to confirm the uncheckout, the user shown the warning at STDOUT and the auto answer of "yes" (the value of the cclarke's CLEARTRIGGER_BIT_21_AUTO_INTERACTIVE_ANSWER environmental variable) is provided allowing the uncheckout to continue without human intervention. This is depicted below:

Valid values for this bit are defined below:

ValueDefines this feature as...