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IBM Rational ClearCase © is the premier software configuration management (SCM) product for software teams. ClearCase provides comprehensive configuration management, version control, workspace management, build management, and process control -- without forcing you to change your existing environment, tools or the way you work.

ClearCase is an enterprise-grade configuration management system that provides highly secure version control with work and build management support. It be can be integrated with other IBM solutions, including IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM ClearQuest, IBM Rational Asset Manager and IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software.

IBM Rational ClearCase provides the capabilities needed to create, update, build, deliver, reuse and maintain business-critical assets.

ClearCase from IBM Rational helps organizations create business value by improving their software development capability. The Rational software development platform integrates software engineering best practices, tools, and services. With it, organizations thrive in an on demand world by being more responsive, resilient, and focused. Rational's standards-based, cross-platform solution helps software development teams create and extend business applications, embedded systems and software products.

IBM Rational ClearCase provides:

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A Better Solution, Inc. provides seasoned IBM Certified Rational ClearCase Consultants with the experience of several ClearCase installations under their belt. Take a look at some consultants that provide expert Rational ClearCase Consulting Services.

You can request or inquire about our IBM Rational ClearCase Services here or email us at info@abs-consulting.com.

      IBM Rational ClearCase
IBM Rational ClearCase

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IBM Rational ClearCase

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